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[Weekly Event] Silkroad Exanic Champion

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Who is Silkroad Exanic Champion?

the question that everybody asked everybody want to know who is the best player in Silkroad Exanic Online what race
what build who is he..its time to find out who is the the best player in Silkroad Exanic online

Event Details

we will be hosting PvP event find the Silkroad Exanic Champion
it will be china vs china Euro vs Euro

Every Sunday After Fortress game time
PvP Zone (teleport from By GM)
How is it done?
event will be done in 2 rounds
First Round:
all registered player will fight their way to top in china vs china / Euro vs Euro
you will fight your way to top for the Title China Champion or Euro Champion
Finals Round:
China Champion will fight Euro Champion for the Silkroad Exanic Champion Title

General Rules
1.You must be Lv120
2. Do not wear a PVP flag unless instructed by a GM.
3. Do not attack anyone inside the PVP Arena unless instructed by a GM - this includes PK.
4. Do not argue, insult or cause trouble - be respectful.

If you fail to follow the rules, you will be punished.

PVP Rules
1. No zerk! - zerking during pvp will count as an automatic loss.
2. No Party! - if you are in pt with someone who gave you buffs you lose.
3. No Exchange - Exchanging during pvp to abuse it will get u punished.
4. No Running - Don't just run around stay in the arena and fight.
5. Only registered players will fight.
6. Do NOT attack other player unless you see the gm saying GO
Play Fair if you lose accept your loss and respect everyone.

Spectator Rules
1. No Buffs - do not buff , de buff or heal players while they pvp
2. Stay Away - stay away from the 2 players who are fighting
3. Don't Spam - Don't spam all chat for any reason
4. No Exchange - Don't exchange with any player who is fighting
Breaking any of this rules will lead you to punishment

How To Register?
Reply to this Thread with your Details
Char Name :
Lvl :
Race :

Server Team


Owner Game

Database Edit

Designed By

mohamed mohsen



Server info

Server info
Server files : vSro 188

Here you will get all info
✹Exanic✹PVP✹Based✹Old School✹Join Now✹Start Your Adventure✹
----------------------- Exanic is the brand new Exanic's.Continue what Exanic's was meant to become.
Before we continue. Exanic is a PVP Based server
If you already had a Exanic's Account before December 16. Your account are still here , and you may enter and play.
If you already had a Christmas Exanic's Client please use that client instead. If it has problems auto updating or does not auto update in the Silkroad Launcher please download the Media Bellow.
Whats Enabled?
✹ All Citys
✹ All dungeons , including .
✹ Jangan Cave
✹ Donwhang cave
✹ Jupiter Temple
✹ Forgotten World
✹ Holy Water Temple , Roc
✹ Capture The Flag
✹ Battle Arena
✹ Fortress War | Jangan | Bandit | Hotan
✹ Job Rates 50X
✹ Alchemy 2X increased
✹ Weekly updates by Launcher Update
✹ 13D Set/Weapon Eu/CH in Jangan NPC For 1 Gold
✹ Much more
----------------------- © Beginning Information
© Max Lv. 120
© Max DG. 13 ...
© Mastery Cap CH: 480 EU: 240
© Capture Flag: On
© Academy System: ON
© Battel Arena Active
© Constantine Fortes OFF
© Job Arena OFF
© Magic Pop Syestem OFF
© Arabian Map OFF
© Mirror Moblar ON
© Coin System
---------------------------- GAME INFO
© New Pet Attack
© Binek Pet Attack
© New Dres Active
© Golblese Active
© Flag Active
© Devil Blue Active
© Adv Active
© New Unique Active
© Restore Closed
© Demage / Mag Scroll Active
© HP / MP Scroll Active
© Kervan Bug Fixed
© Kale Bug Fixed
© Pil Bug Fixed
----------------------- + RATE
+28 0,20% (Limit)
30 + adv
----------------------- Rates
----------------------- Fortress
Confirmation: Only JANGAN And Badit Active
----------------------- Q.A
How can I get Gold Coin You can obtain from Normal Uniquel, STR & INN Uniquel and Capture Flag.